Monday- Friday

6 am - 6:30 pm




Off Church St, between LA Ave and Royal





Our childcare is a semi-structured educational program with individual activities, group activities, supervised free time and supervised outdoor play. Many of these daily activities will focus on early learning skills such as letters, numbers, colors, and shapes, as well as manners, dressing oneself, and age-appropriate life skills/activities. We promote hands-on play and discovery.


It is our goal to provide children with a safe environment that nurtures self-esteem and security. 


We are a licensed Family Child Care Facility. All employees are CPR/First Aid certified and have successfully passed a background check. We strive to always have a clean and organized (yet fun) environment for our kids. 

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  • Open from 6 am - 6:30 pm

  • Childcare space is completely separate from personal home

  • Separate Daycare entrance

  • Smoke-Free, Pet-Free area

  • Online Parent Portal App 

    • Secure Check-In/Out's

    • Real-time updates on meals, diapering, medications

    • Photo and video uploads to see what your child is doing during the day

    • Online payments, receipts

  • Structured schedule with an emphasis on learning through exploring

  • Age appropriate learning curriculum

  • Teach baby sign language to help bridge the communication gap

  • Provide wholesome meals following the CA food program


(this is a general guideline. our current schedule may vary slightly)


6-7:30 Early Bird Activities (free play, morning cartoons, etc) {day prep}


7:30 Breakfast


8:00 Breakfast Ends, Free Time {breakfast clean up, diaper changes, potty}


8:30 Plan, Do, Review (Circle Time, School Skills, Fine Motor, Letter & Number Activities)


9:30 Movement/Songs


9:45 Free Play {Prep Snack}


10:00 Cleanup for Snack, Wash Hands {diaper changes, potty}


10:15 Morning Snack


10:30 Outside Play


11:00 Arts and Crafts (then free time when finished)


11:30 Cleanup for Snack, Wash Hands {diaper changes, potty}



11:45 Lunch



12:15 Free Time {lunch clean up}



12:30 Story Time



12:45 Nap/Quiet Time



2:45 Wake up, Cleanup for Snack, Wash Hands {diaper changes, potty}



3:00 Afternoon Snack



3:15 Free Play



3:30 Learning Time (Science/Cooking Fun, Puzzles, Fine Motor, etc)



4:30 Outside Play



5:00 Free Play

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Call Us: 1-801-602-6063             Email: GrowTogetherChildcareSimi@gmail.com